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Why are Nurseries, Contractors, City and Town Governments, Lawn and Garden Shops and others looking for the kinds of products that Jeff Manufacturing produces?
Easy...they have this common problem!  Palletized freight and supplies.
Palletized Freight
Palletized Freight
Why is this a problem?  Because for most businesses, there's the occasional truck that shows up full of loaded pallets, looking for a non-existent dock, and on a tight delivery schedule.  That presents a problem.
Palletized Freight
So what does a business do?
Spend $18,000 to $45,000 for one of these to handle the occasional palletized freight?
Or save money with simple solutions by Jeff Manufacturing Inc.
Clamp on Pallet Forks
Quick Mount Pallet Forks
Just pull up the front bucket loader you already have and slip on simple clamp on or quick connect top bar mounted fork.

 Problem SOLVED!
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