Utility Trench Paver
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Easily attaches onto bucket lip to smooth out the rough edges left by uneven asphalt applications
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No tools needed
No bucket alterations or adapters required
2 to 4 minutes mounting time
We Make Metal Work For You
No need for dedicated machine
Eliminates manual raking
Paves 3 1/2" above to 6" below grade
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Torrington, CT. USA

Extension kit option provides optimum versatility
Last updates July 9, 2011
Unit adjusts to
carrying material to
4 to 72 inches

Quick attach utility
trench paving unit

Trench paver
attaches to
loader in 2 - 3 minutes

Material in trench
leveled as
loader moves

       ave on time and labor with this piece of
       equipment that attaches to any bucket in
       mere seconds.  It pushes asphalt into
uneven pavement to create a smooth surface
and an eye-appealing finish.
  It can fill trenches up to 6 inches deep and
smooth out asphalt up to 3 inches above ground
to bring a solid, durable and smooth finish to
patching jobs.
  The apparatus can be attached to a bucket in
less than 3 minutes and does not have to be
regulated to a single machine.
  Great for small paving contractors who often
dump the asphalt at the job site and depend on
laborers to pound the material into place, often
leaving ridges and an uneven finish.
  It is also useful on small highway patching
jobs or where it is necessary to cut into the
pavement for below road repair jobs.