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Jeff Mfg., Inc.
Why is Jeff Manufacturing known as Jeff?  Is there a Mr. Jeff?  Nope.  Actually there are two Jeffs.  Jeff Roesing, and Jeff Currier.   When you call just ask for Jeff, you'll aways get one.

Both Jeffs have been in the metal fabrication and metal working almost all their lives.  It's the only work they ever have done.

Jeff Manufacturing produces some unique tools that only 3 or 4 other companies produce Nationwide.  The big advantage?  You deal with the manufacturer!  Get the best pricing available.

Jeff Manufacturing is the manufacturer that made products sold by Guest Industries, and a few others, so it's a natural that all Jeff Mfg. parts will be compatible with all the parts previously sold by GUEST Industries.
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Torrington, CT. USA

Hours 8A to 5 PM EST
Mon thru Friday

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